We have some majors that might fit well with service activities:

Consider some service opportunities that would work with internships or build your resume. If we don’t have those opportunities on campus can we make it happen through the activities program?


Special needs has worked well with special education majors and education majors in general.

Health care administration has used hours in adopt a Grandparent program.

Pre-med majors and Department of nursing has been involved with volunteering at the hospital and with blood drives and bone marrow drives we have had on campus.

Department of languages have been involved with the community in helping language interpreters for international fold dance festival and summer fest. They have also been involved in teaching local residents who are learning to speak English as second language.

Department of communications majors have been involved with writing newsletters, social media, photography and videography.

Dental Hygiene majors need service hours for their major. Service activities works great.

If have idea for service and we don’t have the activity or event. Perhaps you can create that opportunity by using service activities or another area of activities on this campus.