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Indoor Activities

Many indoor activities help students build get to know one another and build longer lasting friendships.
Three male students sit on couch in a student apartment at BYU-Idaho.

FHE Indoor Activities

Duration: 30-45 Mins.

Group Size: 8-20

Materials Needed: Art materials of choice.

Set-Up: Have space to create and display art.

Principal Tie-in: Mutual Responsibility


· Have group members create artwork.

· Consider making a theme or style to base the artwork from.

· For example, abstract art, favorite scripture story, etc.

· Have everyone display their art and explain what they made.

Principal Application: After the activity have a discussion. Did you learn anything about someone in the group through their artwork? Would you think different of the artwork if you didn’t know who made it? What lessons from this apply to life here.

Duration: 15-30 Mins

Group Size: 8-16

Materials Needed: Cardboard box

Set-Up: Cut the top of the box off, set it on the floor.

Principal Tie-in: Mutual Respect


· The goal of the game is to pick the box up with your teeth.

· You are not allowed to let any other part of your body other than your feet tough the ground.

· You cannot use other part of your body to touch walls, floors, etc, for support.

· After each successful round of people picking up the box cut it a little shorter to increase the difficulty.

· Keep going until there is one person left.

Principal Application: Finish with a discussion. How can this game apply to being a student here? What things does it feel like we can never reach? How can we set goals to achieve our dreams, what can we do to help others to do them?

Duration: 30-45 Mins

Group Size: 8-20

Materials Needed: Building Materials

Set-Up: Organize materials and teams

Principal Tie-in: Shared Responsibility/Mutual Respect


  •     Provide building materials such as spaghetti noodles and marshmallows, legos, blocks, etc.
  •     Create 2 teams.
  •     The goal is to create two separate parts of a bridge of a similar or identical design and then combine them at the end.
  •     Teams are not allowed to look at what the other group is making but they can communicate verbally.

Principal Application: Start the activity with a discussion. When have you done something difficult with a group? What did you do and what helped you be successful? What principals of the gospel apply to working as a team?

Duration: 30-60 Mins

Group Size: 8-20

Materials Needed: Depends on the presenter.

Set-Up: Have all participants set up what they planned.

Principal Tie-in: Mutual Respect


  •     Have members of your group volunteer to share a informal presentation about their culture or mission.
  •     For example, they could share what it is like to live where they are from, share a common treat or food, play a game or activity that is common.
  •     Have several people share about their culture or mission.
  •     Have fun!

Principal Application: Finish with a short discussion. What was something new that everyone learned? Did anything change their perspective about something they thought about before?

Duration: 20-30

Group Size: 8-20

Materials Needed: Various random objects, bags.

Set-Up: Put random objects in bags.

Principal Tie-in: Mutual Respect


  •     The game organizer will make multiply bags with random objects in them.
  •     Divide your group into as many teams as you have bags for.
  •     Give each team a bag, give each time 10 minutes to create a skit using the things in their bag.
  •     Encourage everyone to be creative!

Principal Application: Finish with a discussion. What did you learn from the activity? How can we choose to react in positive ways no matter what the situation is? How is the happiest person you know? What are some attributes they have?

Duration: 15-45 min

Group Size: 2-20

Materials Needed: Dependent on presenter

Set-Up: Dependent on presenter

Principal Tie-in: Mutual Respect


  •     In advance have members in the FHE group volunteer to share a talent or hobby they have.
  •     This could be things like cooking, a game, art, music, sports, etc.
  •     The goal of this is to learn about the interests of others have some fun.

Principal Application: The purpose of this is to be accepting of others and learn about their interest. Consider using some time to discussion, what makes everyone unique? Why is it important to respect others decisions and interests?

Duration: 25-45 Mins

Group Size: 6-20

Materials Needed: Varies by activities picked.

Set-Up: Organize the games.

Principal Tie-in: Shared Responsibility


  •     Websearch minute to win it games.
  •     There are hundreds of these simple games that you can pick for your group.
  •     Have fun playing your selected games.

Principal Application: Finish with a discussion. Did any of your games require teamwork? Could you win without the help of others? What things can you do to help those around you succeed?

Duration: 20-30 Mins.

Group Size: 8-20

Materials Needed: Paper, directions to make origami.

Set-Up: Provide paper, provide instructions.

Principal Tie-in: Shared Responsibility


  •     Have everyone learn origami.
  •     Help each other construct things.
  •     Consider making origami to deliver to people you may have in mind as a fun surprise.

Principal Application: Finish with a discussion. What is the hardest part about learning something new? Has anyone helped you learn something that you found to be difficult? What are you good at that you can help people do?

(Good get to know you game.)

Duration: 30-45 Mins

Group Size: 8-18

Materials Needed: Paper, pens, candy(optional).

Set-Up: Create and distribute the bingo cards.

Principal Tie-in: Mutual Respect.


  •     Create bingo cards using general statements that could apply to people in your group. For example, has been to another country, has worked in a restaurant, has siblings, etc.
  •     When you meet someone who how has done something on your card they will sign that square, marking it complete.
  •     First person to get a bingo wins.
  •     Consider having participants write in their own bingo questions before the activity to use as the questions for the whole group.

Principal Application: Finish with a discussion. What was something interesting that you learned about another person here? How can you apply this activity to being a student?

Duration: 30-40 Mins.

Group Size: 8-20

Materials Needed: Power Point, viewing method.

Set-Up: Create a Power Points with random photos in it.

Principal Tie-in: Shared responsibility


  •     The point of this game is to improvise and have fun with your presenting skills.
  •     The PowerPoint will be set to change slides every ten seconds, make it interesting by having a variety or random or funny pictures throughout the PowerPoint.
  •     Everyone participating will write down a random topic.
  •     A presenter will be selected, they will then draw a random topic.
  •     The selected person will present a PowerPoint they have never seen before and relate it to the topic they drew.
  •     Its really funny if a good PowerPoint is made!

Principal Application: Begin with a discussion. Have you ever had to try and make the best out of a tough situation? What was it and what happened? When was a time where you wished you had help with something? How can you recognize opportunities to help others?

Duration: 30-45 Mins

Group Size: 8-20

Materials Needed: Varies

Set-Up: Varies

Principal Tie-in: Shared Responsibility.


  •     Pick a life skill to learn that someone in your group could teach.
  •     Consider things like basic auto repairs, home repairs, cooking, budgeting, physical health, 72 hour kits, time management.
  •     You can incorporate fun activities into learning these things, like have everyone learn how to use a drill other repair equipment and then build something together!

Principal Application: Finish with a discussion. What life skills do you know that you could teach someone? Why is it our responsibility to help others with things like life skills? Who has always helped you?

Duration: 20-30 Mins

Group Size: 8-20

Materials Needed: Building materials of choice.

Set-Up: Organize materials.

Principal Tie-in: Shared Responsibility


  •     Divide into equal groups of 3-4 people and select one game leader.
  •     A game leader will craft on object with the materials provided. Consider using clay, Legos, playdough, etc.
  •     Team members will have 10 seconds to look at the original creation (which will be concealed.)
  •     Every 30 seconds the team member working on the object will switch rotating a new team member in. An additional 10 seconds look may be taken.
  •     The goal of this game is to be the first team to finish creating.

Principal Application: Finish with a discussion. What made teams successful? What was the hardest part of this activity? Do we feel that working with others is helpful or a burden? What makes other team members valuable.