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Holiday Activities

Experience the holiday spirit through activities like caroling, gift exchange, and many more.
Christmas Lighting - Nov 2018

FHE Holiday Activities

Duration: 30-45 Mins

Group Size: 8-20

Materials Needed: None

Set-Up: None

Principal Tie-in: Love


  • Get your group together.
  • Decide where you are going to carol.
  • Sing some songs!

Principal Application: Before the end of the activity have a discussion. Why is it easier to do random acts of kindness during the Holiday season. What keeps us from acting this way all the time? What plans can your FHE group make to help lift people in matter the circumstances?

Duration: 30-45 Mins.

Group Size: 8-20

Materials Needed: Supplies to make ginger bread houses.

Set-Up: Organize materials, set up building space.

Principal Tie-in: Shared Responsibility


  • Organize teams within your groups.
  • To make it interesting and relate to the lesson set a rule that a foundation can’t be used for the house.
  • Build your houses!

Principal Application: Were the houses very stable without a foundation? Would it make a difference to have a strong foundation? How does this relate to the gospel? How can we continue to build our foundation on Christ.

Duration: 30-60 Mins

Group Size: Varies

Materials Needed: Varies

Set-Up: Varies

Principal Tie-in: Love, Mutual Respect, Shared Responsibility

Choose an activity from the list below:

  • Ice skating or sledding.
  • Rake leaves.
  • Leaf imprinting.
  • Make Valentine’s day cards.
  • Make Christmas ornaments.
  • Secret Santa, or you’ve been boo’ed 
  • Carve pumpkins.

Principal Application: Depending on what you picked facilitate a discussion based on what you learned and how the gospel can apply to it.

Duration: 30-45 Mins

Group Size: 10-20

Materials Needed: Varies gifts

Set-Up: Gather somewhere with all the gifts wrapped.

Principal Tie-in: Love


  • Everyone in the group is responsible for bringing a cheap gift.
  • Usually funny gifts are brought but its up to the group!
  • The group will make a circle, starting at one point someone will open a gift.
  • The next person in line will go, they can decide to keep their gift or steal a gift that has been opened already.
  • Once a gift has been stolen three times it cannot be stolen anymore.
  • The person who unwrapped first gets a chance to steal at the end.

Principal Application: Begin with a discussion. Read Moroni 7:6-9, what does Moroni teach about giving gifts? What are some other ways we can think of gifts? How does this apply to us?