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Join the Student Living Team

Student Living offers meaningful opportunities to make an impact on campus culture. Volunteer with us by participating in projects, service, and other activities to promote love, mutual respect, and shared responsibility.
Student Living is broken into three volunteer-led councils:
  1. The “Make a Connection” Council
  2. The Student Living Coordinating Council
  3. The Student Representative Council
There are a variety of leadership opportunities within the Student Living Program.

Please join our team by sending an email to

We will respond to your email quickly and find a spot for you in the Student Living Program!
Make a Connection Council
The “Make a Connection” Council serves students by creating an enjoyable atmosphere on campus. They accomplish this by serving and interacting with students in a variety of ways. Volunteers participate by joining the "Make a Connection" Council where they meet a couple of times a week to plan service activities, ways to change the environment on campus and plan events to surprise others with kindness.

Student Living Coordinating Council
The Student Living Coordinating Council works with wards and stakes by planning and running stake wide events, conducting home evening calling training, and adding to a booklet of enjoyable home evening activities. Volunteers participate by meeting a couple of times a week as members of the Student Living Coordinating Council to assist in the above-mentioned responsibilities.