Steady Upward Course

The Steady Upward Course provides a class setting for students who have met with the Student Honor Office or their ecclesiastical leader for minor Honor Code infractions. Committee members facilitate the class with talks related to Personal Honor in an effort to educate students. The students will read the assigned talk and submit insights on iLearn prior to attending class. This semester the class meets Wednesdays at 6 p.m. in Kimball 230.

Ecclesiastical leaders who would like to require a student to attend the class may access a course contract here. Leaders can e-mail a scanned version of the contract to to enroll the student in the class.

Return with Honor Course

The Return with Honor Course is designed to assist students as they prepare to return to BYU-Idaho. It includes five basic assignments to help returning students measure their willingness and ability to adhere to the standards of the university. The Return with Honor Course is available for download here. Students asked to complete the course should download it and follow the instructions contained therein. 

The completed course will be reviewed by the Return with Honor Council which will make a recommendation regarding the removal of the disciplinary hold. The Student Honor Office will then notify the student regarding the decision through mail. To allow time for review, the assignments should be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the admission deadline or registration deadline when the student wants to be considered.

If approval is not granted, additional assignments may be required in order to help the returning student to be better prepared for the learning environment at BYU-Idaho.

For questions about the Return with Honor Course, or to submit Return with Honor Course assignments included in the downloaded Word document please e-mail The completed course can also be mailed to:

BYU-Idaho Student Honor Office

270 Kimball Building

Rexburg, Idaho 83460-1686