Whether you're an academic rock star or the equivalent of the guy playing the triangle in a garage band, BYU-Idaho will help you discover and achieve your potential.

Kim B. Clark

“We are blessed to work with wonderful young people. They bring a wide range of abilities and also a wide range of interests in learning. We know that the students are children of God. We know they were born to learn. We know if the Atonement is working in their lives, their potential for learning is unbounded.”

Elder Kim B. Clark, BYU-Idaho President 2005-15 

A recent study1 compared BYU-Idaho students to those at other universities nationwide. For critical thinking and writing, BYU-Idaho freshman enter at the 62nd percentile, but BYU-Idaho seniors graduate at the 82nd percentile. That's a 20-point gain, one of the highest in the nation.

1 Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+), 2012-2014.

From 62 percent to 82 percent