Abstract painting by Henry B. Eyring

Lexicons and Signals: Gary Barton

Artist Reception: February 15, 7:30-9pm

Exhibit: February 16-March 15, 2018Lexicons and Signals is a series of artworks that explores and questions the nature of meaning and the ways that it is conveyed, especially through visual art. It does this, at least in part, by taking written language, breaking it down, and altering its meaning as it is re-contextualized and re-presented as pure visual form with all of its potential for signification.  

"In the Moment" The Awareness of Plein Air: Arlene Braithwaite 

Artist Reception:  March 22, 7-9pm

Exhibit: March 23-April 26, 2018

Artist Arlene Braithwaite is a pastel artist.  Her new exhibit, "In the Moment: The Awareness of Plein Air," features a series of landscapes the artist created outdoors. Braithwaite taught art for many years at SUU until her recent retirement.  She recently described the unique aspects of painting plein air when she said, "During set up, the artist checks clouds, sun position, temperature, wind, distractions. Painting shifts focus to composition and shadow placement. Shapes are studied, colors analyzed and edges scrutinized. When successful, the wordless, mental engagement between subject and artist creates an informed interpretation of the moment."

Abstract painting by Henry B. Eyring
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