Abstract Ladder

Creation, Expulsion, Redemption: Adam D. Thomas

Exhibition Dates         

Jan. 16- Feb. 26, 2020              

Artists Opening Reception 

Jan. 15, 7-9 p.m.

Adam Thomas received a BFA from the University of Utah 16 years after beginning his higher education, 8 years after leaving school for a curious variety of interesting jobs, and about 15 minutes before he began Graduate School at The University of Texas-Austin, from which he graduated in 2003 with an MFA.  Along the way, he went half-way around the world to meet a (nice, smart, sweet, patient) girl who lived 12 minutes away from him.  They were married, tried some more interesting jobs, had three children in a row, stopped, and later adopted another three more, all about the same age, at the same time.

With a penchant for curiosity and an inclination to be easily bored, he carved foam, drove tow trucks, built cabinets and houses, taught the odd adjunct gig, constructed movie and film sets, worked in the gas and oil fields, and gathered boxes of interesting oddities commonly referred to as ‘junk’. 

Some of these treasures found their way into his work. Familiar with a wide scope of materials and processes, along with a brain full of un-connected dots, he began making pieces that commented on the notions of family, ancestry, and genealogy. Some of these were insider stories from his immediate family; others were broader attempts to reach across generations or encompass the human family. Most of these works are centered around his belief in the eternal nature of families.

Adam and Robin Thomas live in Highland, Utah where they are—at last—empty nesters, walking the dogs and pursuing their individual and common interests with gusto.