Special collections materials are collected in the traditional sense in that they are collected to fit a certain collecting scope (see below). These materials are typically printed and published material that is rare, valuable, or unique in some way to warrant inclusion into one of the collections. Special collections do not circulate and can be viewed in the Special Collections reading room. Searching the Library Catalog is the best way to locate individual items.

To search only Special Collections in the Library Catalog, choose Advanced Search, then Limit by Format to Special Collections.

Collecting Areas

History of Recordkeeping Collection: This collection provides an overview of the history of print and recordkeeping through items part of the development of print.

Mormon Collection: A collection of books and periodicals pertaining to Mormon history.

Scripture Collection: Bibles and other scriptural works make up the bulk of this collection, along with scriptures unique to the LDS faith.

Upper Snake River Valley Collection: A collection of books and periodical about the history of the Upper Snake River Valley.

Campus Author Collection: A collection of books written by campus personnel.

Hinckley Hymnal Collection: This collection was donated by Thomas Hinckley and includes a variety of hymn books from many religions and time periods.

Education Collection: A collection of educational books and primers used in teaching throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Collection: A collection of books, pamphlets, brochures and other material on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.