Archives are records that result from the natural work of a person or organization. The archives of the university are the records that have important or unique qualities that warrant long-term preservation and use. These materials are vital for understanding campus history and serve as the collected memory of the institution. Records come to the archives following guidelines given through the campus Records Management program.

Campus history instills the university with an identity through its ability to give concrete sources to the development and growth of the institution. The records housed in the archives are tangible pieces of history that bind the present with the past, and give evidence to the struggles and successes of the campus community. These records allow current students, faculty, and staff to connect with the events of the past and understand the ongoing patterns in campus history. For additional information on campus history, click on any of the following links:

Some of these materials are available for research use, but many records contain information that is private, confidential, or otherwise restricted. While certain records can be found searching the finding aids, you will need to consult first with a Primary Resource Librarian in Special Collections & Archives for additional guidance and access to many campus records. Click for a detailed description of our holdings policy. For additional information on recordkeeping in the office or how to determine what records belong in the archives, visit the campus Records Management website.

Other materials are available for research use, some of these items have been digitized and can be accessed by visiting the appropriate links to the left or below.