Sociology courses CANNOT be double counted

Take FDMAT 223 or Math 221C as a prerequisite for Soc 400

Take These Required Courses in the Following Order (15 credits)
Soc 111     Introduction to Sociology (take Freshman year)
Soc 230    Sociological Explorations (take Sophomore year)
Soc 300    Sociological Theory (take Junior year)
Soc 340    Research Methods (take Junior year)
Soc 400    Sociological Analysis (take Senior year)

Choose One of the Following Courses as a Capstone Experience (1-4 credits)
Soc 495    Senior Thesis
Soc 498    Senior Internship in Sociology

Take 2 Courses in Inequalities (6 credits)
Soc 323    Race and Ethnic Relations
Soc 370    Social Stratification
Soc 411    Global Conflicts and Terrorism
Soc 450    Social Inequalities

Take 2 Courses in Social Institutions (6 credits)
Soc 311    Sociology of the Family
Soc 330   Criminology
Soc 355   Law and Society
Soc 360   Sociology of Religion
Soc 462   Sociology of Health

Take 15 Credits of Enrichment Courses (no more than 6 credits of 100 level classes)
Anth 101     Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Psych 350   Social Psychology
Soc 112        Social Problems
Soc 120       Introduction to Criminal Justice
Soc 311        Sociology of the Family
Soc 323       Race and Ethnic Relations
Soc 330       Criminology
Soc 355       Law and Society
Soc 360       Sociology of Religion
Soc 370       Social Stratification
Soc 383       Juvenile Delinquency
Soc 411       Global Conflicts and Terrorism
Soc 420      Drugs and Society
Soc 440      Corrections
Soc 450      Social Inequalities
Soc 451       Self and Society
Soc 462       Sociology of Health
Soc 490R    Special Topics in Sociology
SW260        Introduction to Social Work