Approximately 85% of executives believe students who complete a significant project before graduation that demonstrates their depth of knowledge in their major AND their acquisition of analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills will be better prepared for success

  • As a sociology major, you will plan, conduct, and compose written reports on two extensive research projects. By completing these projects you will become an expert in specific areas of your choosing and have in depth experience applying the analytical tools used by social scientists. 

Approximately 80% of employers think that students who develop the skills to research questions in their field and develop evidence-based analyses will be better prepared for success

  • As part of a Research Methods course, students will learn to collect and evaluate scientific data and use it to answer their own sociological questions.

Approximately 60% of employers believe that expecting students to learn about cultural and ethnic diversity will help prepare them for success

  • Few disciplines will better prepare you to interact with diverse cultures and ideas more than sociology. As students take classes in Anthropology, Race and Ethnicity, and Social Inequalities, they will be exposed to many new ideas and diverse perspectives.

Half of the employers surveyed responded that students could better prepare for success by taking courses that explore big challenges facing society, such as environmental sustainability, public health, or human rights

  • As sociology majors, students will directly address challenges faced in society in classes such as Social Problems, Sociology of Health, Sociology of the Family, Criminology, Law and Society, and many others.

Approximately 90% of executives think universities should place more emphasis on helping students develop the ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing

  • Almost every class offered in the Sociology Department requires students to write papers and present ideas and arguments to the class. This helps students to develop their communication skills. Additionally, all sociology majors are required to complete a high quality undergraduate project as the culmination of their major coursework.

Approximately 80% of employers would like to see more focus on helping students develop critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills

  • Sociology majors will learn to critique and evaluate complex information. In the Sociological Explorations course, students will develop their critical thinking skills as they learn about the "sociological imagination" and apply new ways of thinking to their study and the social world.

More than 7 out of 10 executives want students with teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with others in diverse group settings

  • Most courses offered by the Sociology Department provide students with collaborative learning opportunities such as group projects and presentations.