The internship experience in Sociology is designed as a capstone experience for majors and is one of two methods of completing this requirement for graduation. If you are planning on attending graduate school in Sociology or another research oriented discipline, you will want to complete the senior research capstone experience instead (Soc 495). If you are planning on entering the work force upon graduation or plan on attending graduate school in an applied disciplinary program such as law school, social work, or counseling, an internship experience (Soc 498) may be the desired avenue to complete the internship capstone requirement for graduation.  Students are allowed to take both courses if they wish.
The requirements for a Sociology internship and the approval process are described below.
  1. Approval from the department internship coordinator.
  2. The internship must consist of 10 hours a week (minimum) of internship experience throughout the duration of the internship.
  3. The internship experience must be conducted during 7 weeks (minimum) of a BYUI semester.
  4. The student will complete a journal of their experiences to be submitted at the end of the internship to the department coordinator.
  5. The student must submit confirmation of hours completed to the department internship coordinator at the conclusion of the experience.
  6. The student must submit a theoretical analysis of their internship at the end of their experience to the department coordinator.
The internship approval process includes:
  1. Contact potential internship placement sites.
  2. Once a site has voiced their desire to have you as an intern, fill out the internship approval form online.
  3. Bring 3 copies of the completed internship form to the internship department coordinator.
  4. Once signed by the internship department coordinator, submit the signed copy to the Academic Discover Center in Hinckley 309.   Once they have given their approval,they will  authorize you to register for the internship course.

If you have further questions regarding the internship experience, contact the internship department coordinator.