Full-time Status

Students must be registered for 12 credit hours per semester to be eligible for certain full-time status benefits. However, some benefits may require more than 12 credits. The full-time equivalency for Block registration is 6 credit hours.

Options for a Full Class

If a class is full that a student wishes to register for, they will need to complete one or more of the following options to register for the desired class.

  • Join the waitlist for the desired course and section.
  • Campus Section: Contact the instructor of the section to see if they are willing to overfill their section.
  • Online Sections: Typically these sections cannot be over filled. Contact Online learning (208) 496-1800 for assistance.
  • Attend the first day of a campus class and ask the instructor if there is room to be added to the section. This option is not available for an online section.

Why don't I have add/drop boxes

There are many different reasons why you may not have the add/drop boxes when trying to register. One of the main reasons is that you may have a hold on your account that will stop you from registering. Please make sure that you clear any holds and that you are an admitted student for the semester in which you are trying to register. If you still don't have add/drop boxes, please email with your name and I-number to get this resolved.

Auditing a Class

Students who audit a class are not responsible for attendance, daily preparations, or examinations, and no grade is reported or recorded on the permanent record. An audited class cannot be a retake. Tuition and fees for audited classes are assessed on the same basis as for credited classes. An "I" grade may not be made up by repeating the class as an audit. Departments have the right to refuse to allow students to audit individual courses. Registered students who drop all credit classes and only have audit classes remaining are considered withdrawn from the University effective the latest drop date of the non-audit classes. Students will need to re-apply through the Admissions Office for the next semester. Compliance with deadlines is required, unless a deferment is obtained.How do I change my enrollment in a class to audit?Students must first register for the class for credit and then contact the Student Records and Registration Office to change the course to audit. Students may not change class status from credit to audit or from audit to credit after the deadline to withdraw from a class without earning a "W".

Employee/Spouse Registration

If you are a campus employee or spouse of an employee, you will need to be an "admitted student", which would be done through the Admissions office. You will be able to register for classes on the day which you are assigned according to the amount of credits you have. You will be able to register for any class in which you meet the required prerequisites and course requirements.

Block Classes

Students have the option of taking "Block Classes" which are classes taught in half the time as a regular semester class. A regular semester class is taught for 14 weeks, and block classes are taught for 7 weeks.

Students starting during Second Block may register at the same time as all other students. Students may register for full semester, First Block, and Second Block classes at the same time. However, students who wish to take a second religion course during Second Block must wait until the first day of Second Block to add it.

Foundation Classes

Learn more about foundation classes and their course offerings.

Maxium Credit Limit

Twenty-one credit hours is the recommended maximum. Students must obtain permission from the Student Records and Registration Office to take more than 21 credits per semester or 10 credits per block/term. Students must demonstrate a successful academic history to qualify (e.g., a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher, a history of high course loads in 2+ consecutive semesters, etc.).

More than one Religion Class

Students who wish to take two religion classes in a given semester may attempt to do so on the first day of the class (or block) if there is available seating. Students can then add the course to their schedules or, if necessary, meet with the instructor of that class to receive any needed authorization(s). Students who wish to take more than two religion classes in a given semester must obtain clearance from the Religion Department Chairman. The Chairman then contacts the Student Records and Registration Office to register the student for the class.

Repeat v Retake Classes

Repeat Classes: Repeat classes allow a class to be taken two or more times for additional credit. Most classes at BYU-Idaho are not repeatable for credit. Departments establish the maximum number of times a class can be repeated. A repeated class does not replace the former grade or credit of a previously repeated class. Approval to enroll in a repeatable course for the purpose of replacing a previous credit grade must be obtained from the Academic Exceptions Committee prior to registering for the course.

Retake Classes: Retake classes replace the credit and grade of a previously completed equivalent course even if the previous grade was higher. The most recently completed course is calculated into the GPA, earned credits, and degree requirements. Previous courses remain on the transcript and are designated as retake courses and will not fulfill degree requirements.Students are allowed a maximum of four retakes during their BYU-Idaho experience. Retakes occur when retaking BYU-Idaho classes previously completed at this University.After your forth retake instead of your grade being replaced they will be averaged together.BYU-Idaho courses cannot be replaced by equivalent courses from other institutions. Exceptions must be approved by the Academic Exceptions Committee.Students who transfer must recognize that a transfer institution may not accept the retake class per this definition.