Hart Gym

Closure starts Feb 15 and will last through at least November.

Second Floor Locker Rooms

Construction starts Feb. 1. Please clear out all rented lockers before this date. Items left will be given to lost and found.

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center will be closed from July 1 through the 6-week break for an HVAC system update.

Hart Building Construction FAQs

Will I be charged for a locker rental this year?

No. If you have already paid for a locker, you will be refunded by Feb 1.

Will there be locker rentals after the construction?

Yes. We plan to have more lockers available after construction than we currently have. We also plan to have online rental and payment options for locker rentals.

Where can I change during construction?

The location for student dressing rooms is still being determined. Both employee locker rooms will be open to employees for day use only.

Where can I change to use the pool?

There are two family changing rooms in the hallway by the pool.  One will be designated for men and the other for women. There is a shower in each changing room.

When do employees need to be out of their rental lockers?

Please have all personal items cleared from your locker by February 1st.

What will happen to the items in my locker if I cannot be out by February 1st?

All items in lockers will be taken to the Lost and Found at the MC Help Desk.

When will the racquetball courts reopen?

The construction for heat and air conditioning in the racquetball courts should be done by the end of Winter Semester. The racquetball courts will be open in the Spring.

Will the lockers by the fitness center still be available for day use?

Yes, these lockers are still available for day use.  This will change when the locker room construction is finished.