Christen Cooper has loved singing from a young age. Her family isn’t necessarily musically inclined as she is, but that never stopped young Cooper.

Her mother says, “She came out singing,” and Cooper doesn’t disagree, drawing on terms like “my calling” to describe her passion for music.

Now, Cooper enjoys writing her own music and is working on improving her foothold in the vast and ever-expanding music industry.

She recently released a Christmas mash-up she’s dubbed “Jingle Halls,” which was released with a music video on her YouTube channel.

Cooper contacted BYU-Idaho Radio about playing her song over the air, which we gladly agreed to. We decided to get to know her a bit better, as well.

In an interview, the young artist described her music as “pop-country” and eluded multiple times to early Taylor Swift influences.

As a singer-songwriter, Cooper said, “[I find inspiration] where I am in life, the things I’m going through, the things my friends are going through.”

Right now that has a lot to do with dating, which is pretty clear in songs like, “That Flannel Shirt” and “Share My Lipstick.”

With consecutive originals coming out each of the past three months, Cooper is busy working. She said two more are on the way in early 2020, as well.

When asked about the experience of sitting down to put a song together, Cooper kept it simple.

“Maybe I’ll have a few lyrics or a melody and so I start with that,” she said. “I’ll try to figure out what I want to say and it just develops from there. Every time is different.”

That simplicity is consistent in her music, which is dominated by spunky lyrics consistently paired with an acoustic guitar.

The guitar-playing started when she got one as a Christmas gift as a child. It carried on through years in a youth band and high school choir.

She’s now looking to spread her music across social media and through her website. Cooper’s music is on available on all streaming platforms and she can be found on all major social media platforms, though she’s most active on Instagram.