BYU-Idaho Radio · Idaho Falls gains a new yoga wellness center

Taking time to stop and enjoy the little things in life seems like a romanticized idea that many people find just out of their grasp. Between work, home or school for some, life becomes a rushed mess of due dates, large projects, family events and money management that creeps into the already stretched minutes of free-time people seem to have for themselves. If you’ve needed a relaxing retreat, a new yoga studio in Idaho Falls is opening next week to provide that. 

“When we engage in these kinds of practices like self-care, and we take care of our body and we take care of our minds we actually increase our capacity and ability to do the things that we need to do,” said Nicole Packer, the founder of Yoga Wellness Connection in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio. 

The studio employs different wellness activities including traditional yoga, and even more unique ones like sound bathing where you sit and allow different tones and sounds to relax your body and clear your mind. 

“Sound-bath is an experience where you sit while using pillows, props or blankets and just allow your body to rest and be as comfortable as possible … and a lot of people experience a clearing of thoughts and it can increase a sense of relaxation,” Packer said. 

The Yoga Wellness Connection also has a  “CommUNITY 4” program that allows them to provide discounted or free memberships at the Yoga Wellness Connection to those who may have financial needs. Businesses, organizations and community members can also donate to support fellow local residents in attending the classes. Yoga Wellness Connection stated that 100% of the proceeds assist with membership costs. 

The grand opening ceremony is on Monday, June 20 at 451 River Pkwy, Idaho Falls ID 83402 in eagle Rock Station right across from the Falls and will feature free classes for the whole week from June 20 - 26. You can check out their Facebook page here: 

Or you can sign up for their programs now here: