The Yes! Trio is a jazz group comprised of Aaron Goldberg (piano)Ali Jackson (drums) and Omer Avital (bass). 

The group released its first studio album back in 2011 but then had a lengthy hiatus. Goldberg said it was because they all, individually, kept receiving offers to play for other musical groups. But that didn’t last forever, given the chemistry of these three musicians. 

We had a special connection musically, you don’t forget about it,” Goldberg said. “We knew it was only a matter of time before we would make another album together, and this turned out to be the moment.” 

In October 2019, the group released its album called “Groove du Jour.” Goldberg explained that meaning a little more in his interview with BYU-Idaho Radio. 

“Like soup du jour, [or] soup of the day, this is groove du jour, [or] groove of the day,” Goldberg said. 

Goldberg said Jackson moved to France for a while to be with his son, who was playing professional soccer. It was while Jackson was in France that he worked with a French record label, leading to more French influence in the trio’s music now. 

Along with the French influence, Goldberg contributed a little culture to the music in a song on the album called “Tokyo Dream.” 

“It’s the only song I wrote in a dream,” Goldberg said. On tour in Asia, [I had] weird [a weird] sleep schedule, vivid dreams, [so I] heard this tune and wrote it down. 

For those looking for another one of the sparse modern jazz groups to listen to, the trio’s music is available on Amazon Music. Click here to check them out.