After weeks in the hospital, Ben and Alyssa Reidhead return home with their son.

Despite having will at home, they still face challenges on a day to day basis. One of those is learning how to be a parent.

"It's kind of weird because we're used to having nurses doing things for us," said Alyssa Reidhead. "It's really tiring but it's rewarding to have him home at the same time as well."

The Reidheads son Will was born with a rare condition where the back of his skull had not fully developed. Since his birth, the Reidheads have been in and out of the hospital for therapy, surgery and check-ups. Despite all of the complications with Wills birth. Ben and Alyssa are sticking with their decision not to abort Will.

"If it doesn't work then at least we know we tried," said Alyssa. "It's just giving them that best chance."
When will was first born the doctors told the Reidheads their child would be born with mental handicaps and be very low functioning. As they have seen Will grow, they understand he is able to move past his limitations the Doctors set for him.

"First they said he's going to be completely handicapped, he's not going to move, smile, interact, talk, any of those things," said Alyssa. "He does all of those things."

Their Facebook page titled "Baby Will" is where they receive the most support from those who post uplifting messages to them about their situation or rejoice with them when they overcome a new milestone.

Amidst what they have been through with Will they say their overall emotions are feelings of love and gratitude.

"It's just honestly been a huge to have all the help that we have had," said Ben Reidhead. "For the whole situation and for they way it's turned out."