The sound of fireworks to many Americans symbolizes freedom, the love for our country, and the American dream.

The Fourth of July is just around the corner and I asked some BYU-Idaho students why they love Independence Day. They listed things such as fireworks, America, hamburgers and hot dogs, time with family and friends as well as the patriotism.

These are all things that we as Americans love and enjoy and as a community the people in South Eastern Idaho want it to be a memorable day as well.

"I hope people remember how much they love their country and love their community," Keith Nelson, a city council member in Menan who is over the city's events on the 4th of July, said."When people are engaged and active the communities tend to thrive and grow. It becomes easier to achieve things and to make progress."

Nelson and other event planners I talked to all take pride in their Independence Day events whether it be from parades, to the vendors, to the music.

One planner, Michael Patton who is a BYU-Idaho Student and the event coordinator for Jefferson County, said they are doing something never before seen in South Eastern Idaho. It's called 3D fireworks glasses.

"With these glasses they add a whole new spark to the show," Patton said. "Once you put these glasses on it just pops an there is more colors and there's more dimensions to it."

Although he's excited for this event, he says there's one thing we need to remember. "In all reality it's to remember why we are here, the freedom we have, and just to have the remembrance of who did what for us, how we got here and who we are today," he said.

If you're interested in what's happening around South Eastern Idaho this Fourth of July here's a list of some of the events going on.

Menan 4th of July Celebration - This includes a 5k Color Run, Pancake Breakfast, Parade, Duck Race, Fireworks etc.

Jefferson County Celebration - This includes a Wet n' Wild Fun Run, Zumba, 3D Fireworks Show etc.

Rexburg - ParadeCelebration in the ParkWhoopee Days etc.

Stanley - Parade, Street Dance, Fireworks etc.

Salmon - Salmon River Days

Pocatello - Biggest Show in Idaho Firework Display

Idaho Falls - Freedom Celebration Fireworks