Throughout the summer, the Madison Library District has sent out a little trailer filled with books to local parks and schools.  

Librarian Abby Reeser has seen how the book wagon gives people of all ages an opportunity to find new things to read. 

“It’s just so fun to flip through all the books and find one that you just really want to read,” said Reeser in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio. “It’s always my favorite, when I go out, to watch those really little kids who are just so enamored with the books.” 

Reeser points out the summer vacation is already a time when families spend more time together, so it’s the perfect chance for parents to sit down with small children and help them engage with books.  

“Reading to your kids from a really early age helps in a lot of ways with their development and gets them to be very good learners. There are studies that show how just seeing an adult figure read, specifically an adult male figure, will help encourage [kids] to read,” Reeser said.  

It seems the benefits of reading don’t just stop once people become older. Reeser was adamant that you don't have to be a certain age to get into the habit of reading.   

“Make the effort to read,” Reeser said. “Just find something that you like, dig into it and keep reading, because it’s so important to continue reading as you age.”  

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