War Bonnet Roundup

The War Bonnet Round Up is Idaho’s oldest rodeo. It will have its 107th shows from August 2 through August 4.

Michael Cousin, member of the board of directors of the War Bonnet Round Up told BYU-Idaho Radio this year they have around 500 participants in the rodeo.

He said the rodeo began in 1911 by a group of business men who wanted to bring a rodeo to the area.

“They wanted a big event and they had seen the rodeo in Jackson Hole and so they decided to start a rodeo,” Cousin said.

The event was then taken over by the veteran group, American Legion Department of Idaho, and was recently handed to the City of Idaho Falls.

“The Legion grew the widely popular event into the show it is today and for that we are forever grateful,” according to the War Bonnet Round Up website.

The event will begin on August 1 with a preview of the show in downtown Idaho Falls and the rodeo will begin August 2 at Sandy Downs Arena in Idaho Falls.

Cousin said he has gone to the rodeo with his family since he was a child and loves the atmosphere and tradition.

“For me it’s about doing something fun and exciting with your family,” Cousin said. “I grew up going to the War Bonnet, and that was always exciting.”

He said they keep the event family friendly so everyone can enjoy it.

“It’s just a fun experience that everyone can do,” Cousin said. “It’s one of the biggest events in Idaho Falls every year.”

For more information about the War Bonnet Round Up you can visit the Website.