Tonight, in Idaho Falls, there will be a vigil to honor the lives of 8-year-old JJ Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan.

The local area was rocked on Tuesday, June 9, when news broke that two children’s bodies were found on Chad Daybell’s property in Salem, Idaho. The next day, the families of JJ and Tylee said that the bodies were theirs.

But tonight at 8:30, next to the Soda Tsunami on 3460 S 25th E, people can gather and join in honoring the lives of JJ and Tylee.

Timanee Hansen, one of the event organizers, said the event would include a short welcome, a poem reading, words from another one of the organizers, two special singers, a closing prayer and a moment of silence.

“Everyone is feeling the effects of this,” Hansen said. “[But] you don’t have to navigate any of this by yourself, we have an entire community that can relate.”

Bonneville County health officials require anyone who attends the vigil to wear a facemask. Those who do not have one will, unfortunately, be turned away from the event.

At the event, everyone is asked to practice social distancing by staying at least six feet from anyone, not in their immediate household or group.

For more information about the vigil, click here.

“We can’t just let this be like…[we’re] remembering [them] today, and then it’s done and over with,” Olsen said. “We need to carry these kids’ names on forever.”

Law enforcement officials have yet to publicly identify the bodies, though the families have done so.

The parents of the deceased children, Lori and Chad Daybell, are both facing multiple charges regarding the kids.

Lori Daybell has been in the Madison County Jail since March, she faces two charges of desertion of a minor child, along with obstructing police and contempt. She is on a $1 million bond and has a preliminary hearing on July 9.

Chad Daybell was arrested on June 9 and made his first court appearance the next morning. Chad faces two counts of willfully destroying, and or altering evidence. He also is on a $1 million bond and has a preliminary hearing on July 1.