The City of Rexburg has many venues that hold events almost every month. Jackie Rawlins, the cultural arts director for the city, oversees many of those buildings such as the Romance Theater, the Rexburg Tabernacle Civic Center, the Museum of Rexburg and Center Street events.  

First up during the month of February is the annual Gala. Last year it was a masquerade ball, this time it’s a wizard’s ball.  

“The audiences in the community voted and that’s what they wanted it to be,” Rawlins explained. “So people can get their house colors, their robes, or just their Sunday best, whatever they want to do, and come out. We transform the tabernacle. Which is on Center Street by the library. We have live music, refreshments, and a light show.”  

The ball is $10 a person. The event is a fundraiser for the Museum of Rexburg which is why the cost is there. The family-friendly dance will start at 7 p.m.  

The unique aspect to this dance compared to others, besides the wizard element, is this will be the last year the city will host it. Rawlins said there used to not be a lot of activities happening in the community during this time of year. That has changed and so the need isn’t there to fill anymore. 

Not even a week later, on Feb. 14, JTM is coming to the Romance Theater. JTM, formally known as James the Mormon, actually contacted the theater wanting to perform his new album there.  

“If you haven’t been to that theater lately, you need to come,” Rawlins said. “The restoration and the painting part has just finished up in January so it’s right back to the glory of that theater, it’s pretty cool.” 

The theater is more than 100 years old. It fits 380 people so it’s a small theater in a college town, but it remains the place to go. 

For those who aren’t so much into JTM’s rap and modern sound there will be an orchestra performance on Feb. 27. This concert will happen at the Tabernacle. 

“We have an amazing volunteer orchestra,” Rawlins said, The talent in this orchestra would be something that you would find in any big city. People don’t realize what a treasure we have.” 

The concert is free, although they do ask for donations.  

This month will end with a bang! On Feb. 28, March 1, and March 2 the first round of Rexburg’s Got Talent will happen. Because of the number of youth who auditioned Mar. 2 will be a youth night of performances which has never happened before. March 1 will be 18 and older performers.  

“As an audience member, you’re the fifth judge,” Rawlins said.  

Go out and support all the people participating. Tickets are $5, but they also double as your vote for whoever you think should move on to the next round. 

“Last year, it really came down to the vote of the audience, who moved onto the finals between two of the contestants,” Rawlins explained. 

After this first round there will be two more events, the semifinals and the finals, one weekend after another. These are events you won’t want to miss.  

To stay up to date on all the events happening in Rexburg follow “The Venues” on Facebook and the Life of Rexburg Facebook page as well. They let you know about auditions and what’s coming up if you ever want to participate.