A new face in country music is singing in Rexburg Feb. 25 as his first show outside of California or Nashville.

Ryan Scripps said he started playing the guitar at 9 years old, and he wasn't interested in country music until his sister would listen to it on the way to school in high school.

"I didn't grow up necessarily listening to country music," Scripps said. "Me and my sister, we went to the same high school, and I would drive us to school every morning, and we had this thing, I get my song, and then she gets a song. She listened to country and I didn't listen to a whole lot of country. So, it just kind of grew on me from that."

Scripps said he loves the stories behind country songs.

"I've been able to relate to many country songs out there, and that's the main thing for me," he said. "There's a great story behind every song, and I just love what country music's all about today."

Scripps is playing an acoustic show at The Shed Event Center in Rexburg from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., Feb. 25. Tickets are $7 ahead online or $10 at the door, and can be purchased at www.rexburgcountry.com.

His EP album, "Everything But Her," is on iTunes and Spotify, and CDs will be available for purchase at the show.

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