Trish Gannaway has had many experiences in her life that required her to trust - trust in the Lord, people around her, even a skydiving instructor.

During her Jan. 31, 2017, devotional address "To What Are You Tethered?," Gannaway counselled students to evaluate what or who they trust.

"As I have thought about trust, I've come to realize that it's a strong indicator for the basis of the decisions we make that eventually set the course for our lives," Gannaway said. "Every relationship we form, every activity we participate in, every decision we make, large or small, is closely correlated with who or what we trust."

She said we need to tether our lives to Jesus Christ and trust in Him, because He will not lead us to dead-ends, severe consequences or unhappiness.

"In a tumultuous world of ever increasing attacks on what is good and right, where people can so easily ‘just put their ideas out there,' regardless of whether they are true or not, those ideas are heard by many, and it becomes very easy to get distracted and follow what you think sounds good," Gannaway said.

She said, because we have our agency, we are free to go down a different path than what the Savior has laid out for us, but the sooner we change our ways, the happier we'll be.

"Never once has someone gone down the wrong path and the Savior has said, "'Don't come back,'" Gannaway said.

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Gannaway said we have to be so careful when deciding what to trust, because, if we wanted to, we could find anything we wanted to match our ideas.

"If you wanted to find a diet online that made you lose weight by eating just cookies, you could find that," said said. "And that's ridiculous. We would love it if it were that way, but that's not reality."

Gannaway said we have to go to the source of truth to actually have something to trust.

"That is the Savior," she said. "He is the source of all truth. I think that we sometimes forget that and just trust so many different things - and we shouldn't."

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