Through an ant allergy, a big move and other trials, Trish Carvajal has learned the importance of doing hard things. Carvajal, the BYU-Idaho university scheduling manager, addressed students and staff in her BYU-Idaho devotional address today. Her remarks were focused on the importance of trials.  

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Carvajal shared why she chose this topic.  

“Your generation, the students… you guys have had to see so many bad things in your lives. We just need to know that we can do it,” Carvajal said. “You just need to know that with the Savior by your side, hard things are possible.”  

Carvajal learned the value of trials as her family was forced to move from Miami to Idaho. After bites from an ant species in Florida gave her husband severe allergic reactions, the move was critical to his safety. Although leaving Florida was hard, Carvajal saw blessings. Her family spent more time with her father, who lived in Idaho, before he passed away.  

“Coming here was hard,” Carvajal said. “But you look back at all the steps that it took to get here, and then the steps since we’ve been here. And you just see the Lord’s hand directing us. This is where we are supposed to be.” 

In her job at BYU-Idaho, Carvajal has gotten to know the students she works with. In her devotional, Carvajal included video clips of students sharing how they have grown through trials. She encouraged listeners to reach out to those who are struggling.  

“Do you know someone who is struggling? I encourage you to be the type of friend who will be there to listen when someone needs you,” Carvajal said. “We are all here on this earth struggling together. Let’s try to be there for someone else and make their life easier.”  

Carvajal hopes her message will give listeners hope.  

“Trials aren’t fun, but I hope that they can just take it day by day- just learn that it will pass,” Carvajal said.