Members of the Toastmasters club aren’t learning to master the art of spreading jam on crisp bread, they’re actually learning to master their communication and presentation skills. The club allows members to work together in different roles where they can listen, lead and communicate with each other.  

Carol Sevy, who has been a member of Toastmasters for four years, said Toastmasters has helped her in her personal life and as a student. She also said that members have the opportunity to travel and compete in competitions.  It’s natural to feel nervous about trying something new or speaking in front of others, but Sevy said the club is supportive. 

“Just know that this is a place where you can learn to thrive in a supportive learning environment…we are all practicing, and we want each other to succeed and to be better,” she said. 

The open house will take place above Broulim’s in Rexburg at 7 tonight (June 30). If you miss the open house or want more information about Toastmasters, visit their website.