"The Light of Christ allows us to see things as they truly are," taught Tim Tanner, instructional media developer at BYU-Idaho during his devotional address.

He shared four concepts in the gospel the Light of Christ allows us to see.

  1. You cannot comprehend the eternal potential you have as a literal son or daughter of God.
  2. Your mistakes in life do not keep our Heavenly Father and the Savior from loving you.
  3. You are valued in their eyes more than you can comprehend.
  4. Our Father in Heaven had incredible gifts in store for each of us to help us return to him. Sometimes they come disguised.

 In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Tanner said we are all caught up in the world because we live in the world, we have to do human things and try to fit in spiritual things.

"Because of that, we have a tendency to look at things the same way that the world does, quite often," he said. "Fortunately, with the Gospel, we have this added knowledge that we know that the world is just a temporary situation and every reminder of that that we get is helpful to us to remember, 'You know what, this is temporary, we're really not seeing reality.'"

In his talk, he told the audience about his daughter, McKeand who suffers from seizures. He says her disease and her outlook on life has helped him see things as they really are.

"Because of McKeand's disabilities, we are in a perpetual state of remembering that this life is a temporary condition," he said.

He said she has taught him many things, but the most important is "this life is but a small, fleeting, but important condescension from a very real, much more holy, eternal sphere."