In the last 10 minutes before church one Sunday, Brad McGary carelessly glued his 3D-printed Rexburg temple design to the front of a magnet and attached it to his tie. The 3D printer in his garage was still warm from use when he walked out the door.  

He was hopeful that friends would notice his tie pin creation, but the tacky glue seeped from the magnet ruining his tie and the aesthetic he was aiming for. While fellow churchgoers took little notice of his tie pin that Sunday, this experience sparked the beginnings for the local Idaho business he now owns and manages — Tiny 3D Temples. 

“One printer led to three printers in my office, led to 11 printers in my garage, led to 30 printers in downtown Rexburg, and then we finally got to this point out here where we have 100 printers which is kind of where we’re just sitting right now. It’s reached that point of optimal operation,” McGary said. 

The Tiny 3D Temples warehouse is located just over the Rexburg-Salem border. Its sister company Latter Daisy is located in the warehouse next door. Latter Daisy products include beautiful laser-cut wooden signs that display proclamations from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and church-centered wall décor.  

November and December are the busiest production months for the businesses, especially for their temple ornaments. Customers love giving temple prints for weddings and baptisms, and using the in-home decorating as table décor, nightlights, cake toppers and more. 

Because the Church of Jesus Christ continues to expand and build new temples in new locations McGary has to be flexible and timely in designing new temple prints.  

“Every (general) conference I’m yelling at the TV like, ‘Slow down President! I can’t keep up with all these!’ You hear it in conference, people are always so excited when they hear their temple being announced, and so we offer every single temple here,” McGary jovially explained. 

Both stores serve customers across the U.S. and Canada. Promotions and products can be found on their website.