The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is deemed with the responsibility of protecting and promoting public health and well-being of Idaho citizens. Timothy Rarick is a member of the board and is doing exactly that, promoting family and how important it is.

“One of the main things that I focus on, is promoting and protecting the family unit, it’s the fundamental unit of society and through social science, public policy, etc.,” he said.

Rarick is a professor at BYU-Idaho in the Department of Home and Family and co-founder of the family life education blog Since Rarick joined the board of Health and Welfare, he has had the opportunity to meet with people all over to discuss what can be done for Idahoans on the family front.

“I have had the privilege of interacting with a lot of influential affluent people from the United Nations, D.C., and other places around world,” he said. “I have learned that we are all just people. We all have struggles, trials, fears, and we all have different gifts. A person is a person.”

The board members vote on rules and stipulations pertaining to different health fronts. The board members Rarick works with include several state lawmakers.

Rarick expressed how much he cares about the family and why he has chosen this front to battle on.

“I am passionate about it,” he said. “Our first relationships can and should be with our family. Whether it’s good or bad. We are all wired to bond and connect. You can tie almost every social problem that we have back to family breakdown.”