What makes a TV show good?

Well, the hosts of "The Spot" hope to somewhat tackle that question as they discuss the tv shows that they grew up with. This will range from the weird messages in the shows, some of the most iconic characters and some of the biggest flops in cartoon history. 

Even though most of these shows have been off the air for some time, we still quote them on a regular basis.  How do we still remember them after all these years? Is it the weird messages? Their animations? The fact that we watched them on a daily basis?

This episode pulls from a list on IMDB that have to deal with the top 25 cartoons on the network channel Cartoon Network. They also made reference to other popular shows on the WB and Nickelodeon. 

What have been some of your favorite shows? What memories do you have based on cartoons? We would love to hear from you. Be sure to use the #thespot when you talk about this episode on social media with your friends.