The Women in Business Society is a BYU-Idaho student organization that focuses on teaching women business skills that are not always present in the classroom.  

During their weekly meetings, they generally have a guest speaker, an opportunity to ask questions and refreshments. Karla Salinas, the president of the Women in Business Society, said that, often, the speaker will be a BYU-Idaho Alumni who may have also been in the society. This allows students to see the progress they can make as BYU-Idaho students.  

“Knowing that they’ve been in the society and knowing that they’ve been in my position I’m more comfortable asking them questions, Salinas said. 

Salinas also wanted to remind students at BYU-Idaho that you do not have to be a business major to join the society. She said the skills they learn are applicable to many people and majors.  

Salinas also mentioned that she has seen people get internships through the society. People often approach the society looking for women in business to hire. These opportunities combined with the fun they have in the meetings make being a part of the Women in Business Society worthwhile, she said.