“The Witnesses” film is a true depiction of the story of David Witmer, Oliver Cowdry and Martin Harris who are known as the three witnesses to the Book of Mormon. The movie shows how they faced ridicule and persecution for their claims regarding the Book of Mormon. While the film depicts key events from the beginnings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Paul Kandarian, the actor playing the older David Witmer, said the film is for everyone, not just those of the faith.  

“We all have some truth in us that other people don’t believe, or they just cast doubt on it, so I think we’ve all felt like that at some point,” he said. 

He believes the movie highlights key themes that anyone can relate to and gives other people the opportunity to learn more about a faith that is not their own. Though he isn’t a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, he was able to learn more by about it by playing his character. He invites everyone to give the film a chance. 

“Go see the film and learn and appreciate the difference that makes us all so similar,” Kandarian said. 

Camery Bagley-Fox said that watching the movie is a good opportunity to learn more about the people in church history.  

“It’s time for us to gain a deeper view of these members of church history that we learn about...the more we learn about people and listen to their stories the more we will love them and find empathy and forgiveness for them and be able to draw strength from their experiences,” she said. 

 “The Witnesses” is now playing in theaters across the country.