There are hundreds of stories about how a great team was thrown together to accomplish greatness. Some are well thought out team but some are kind of just thrown together. The story is not about their attempts to win, but about their success.


That same story can be said about a team from BYU-Idaho where four students, James Canlas, Josh Holt, Logan Mickelsen and Tanner Zornes, came together to compete in the 2018 Weber State Supply Chain Case Competition. I spoke with Canlas and Holt about their experience.


“We actually had about two solid weeks to prep,” Holt said.”We didn’t know what the team was going to be until about two weeks before the competition.”


While the schools they were competing against had months to practice, BYU-Idaho’s team only had to catch up for the different challenges of the competition.


There’s two parts,” Canlas said. “First is the Jeopardy...and then the second part is case competition.”


That’s right, 24 hours to present a case...already at a disadvantage the BYU-Idaho underdogs had to scramble to complete this case study.


“For that 24 hours we stayed awake until 3:30 am,” said Canlas. “We had to present by 8 am.”


All in all, they pulled through. After competing in jeopardy and then working tirelessly on a case and with less than five hours of sleep.


At the end of the day, BYU-Idaho placed third out of eleventh in the competition and returned home with their heads held high. They were tired, but they deserved the rest they received afterward.

So even though you may be thrown in some last minute situations just remember, you can succeed if you apply yourself. If you would like to learn more about the management and supply chain program at BYU-Idaho just search “supply chain” at