This time of the year, many are looking to get a good scare. The Haunted Mill in Teton has been a haunted attraction since 1997, though it has been scaring locals for much longer.  

The Haunted Mill is owned by Dennis and Kim Briggs. Dennis’ great-great grandfather built the mill in 1890 to grind flour. As the years went on, it became a landmark of the area on their property.  

The people in the area, especially the kids, have always been a little afraid of it,” Kim Briggs said. When our kids would come home from school, their friends would ride their bikes close to there and then they would say GO! Their friends would go back into town and our kids would hurry back across the bridge to get past there.” 

Kim said one Halloween, her children took Dennis to a haunted attraction nearby. After they were done, he said it wasn’t scary enough and that he could scare them better in the mill. They went home and put his scaring to the test.  

“He scared them in a few different places, because the inside of it has a lot of places to hide… because of the machinery,” Kim said. 

After that day, they decided to craft the mill into a haunted attraction. Briggs said the first five years were tough, and some nights only four or five people showed up. Now, the mill has a steady stream of people ready for a good scare. 

Kim said the Haunted Mill plays on people’s senses and greatest fears. However, they do not scare with fake blood and gore or anything satanic.  

The Haunted Mill is open Fridays and Saturdays from 7:30 p.m. until midnight. The week of Halloween, the mill will be open every night, with weeknights open until 10 p.m.  

The address of The Haunted Mill and more information is available at