Almost six years ago Thomas S. Monson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced the Star Valley Wyoming Temple to begin construction. Four-and-a-half years later, the groundbreaking ceremony took place. This Friday, the temple will open its doors to all those who wish to view inside before it is dedicated.

Recommend desk at the Star Valley Wyoming Temple.

Despite its size, there are many features in the temple that make it stand out as a house of God. The entry features a stained glass portrait of Jesus Christ, this is one of four windows in the world. The other three are featured in other temples in the United States. The window was purchased by members of the Church in New York when an old church was about to be torn down.

Members of the media rode in wagons to the temple.

During the media open house event, the Temple Open House Committee brought in a horse-drawn wagon to take media members from the chapel to the temple. During the regular open house, which opens Friday, Sept. 23, visitors will take shuttles to the temple.Every part of the temple reminds you of the "small town" feel you get from the Star Valley community. From its Baptistery to its Instruction rooms, the limited amount of seats does not give you the feel of a small temple. Although there is no visual "theme" to the temple, you can feel the pioneer heritage of the area throughout the temple.

The Celestial room includes a special wallpaper, which was hand-stenciled, and designs to match the carpets. Design ideas for the temple came from local and classical architecture with references to the Wyoming State Capital, the Afton Tabernacle and pioneer-built LDS structures.

This instruction room holds 40 people.

The Temple is down the street from Downtown Afton on U.S. Hwy 89. It sits on 43.6 acres of land and stands 123-feet tall including its spire. After its dedication, the temple will be the 154th temple in operation worldwide.

If you are interested in attending the Open House visit: templeopenhouse.lds.org.