Tips and Tricks to the College Life

Going to college can be overwhelming. Going to a new school and environment can be a life changing experience. Even people who have already gone through the experience have insights they wish they would have had when they were going through school. The point of this podcast was to help new students or parents sending kids to college, specifically BYU-Idaho.

BYU-Idaho is different from other universities due to its religious affiliation and culture. There is a presence of Christ here on the campus that gives it a different dynamic from other schools. However, saying that, it also has a lot of similarities to other universities as well. The struggles of dealing with roommates, deciding classes, and finding groups of people to have social lives with is universal to every campus. The ins and outs to finding the best way of college life can be difficult, but don’t worry we are here to help.

That’s where this podcast episode comes in. When the producers of the show got together to try to come up with content that fits the phrase, “We’re talking about what you’re talking about,” the theme of tricks and tips for college students immediately came to mind. A tutorial for new students in the form of a podcast was an easy topic to pick for an episode.

This episode starts off with finding a place to live. The host’s give some of their insights on the different living places on campus. Finding the right place to live can change your whole experience of being a college student. Whether you want a quiet place to relax and hide from the outside world or a social gathering place to have experiences with your neighbors, you can find it all. You just need to know where to look!

Places to live weren’t the only things discussed on this episode. Features like the tutoring center, places to buy books, and student activities were also brought up. Not enough students realize that tutoring is free on campus and it really does help with hard classes. If you need help mentally or just someone to talk to, the school offers advisors to help you through the tough times.

The Spot episode of Tips and Tricks was made to help everyone on different levels of college. Whether you are out there feeling lost and trying to find yourself or just trying to find a place to return your books, give this episode a listen.