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After an intense race to the finish line, the NBA Playoff teams have been put in place. 

The Playoffs begin Saturday, April 14 on TNT, NBA TV, and ESPN. 

BYU-Idaho Radio's The Spot hosts David Payne, Adam McGurk, and JD Packer talk about what to expect and make their picks for the NBA Finals and NBA Awards. 

Here's a look at each conference and the matchups. 


1. Houston Rockets vs 8. Minnesota Timberwolves

2. Golden State Warriors vs 7. San Antonio Spurs

3. Portland Trail Blazers vs 6. New Orleans Pelicans

4. Oklahoma City Thunder vs 5. Utah Jazz


1. Toronto Raptors vs 8. Washington Wizards

2. Boston Celtics vs 7. Milwaukee Bucks

3. Philadelphia 76ers vs 6. Miami Heat

4. Clevland Cavaliers vs 5. Indiana Pacers

Here's a look at the whiteboard we filled out while recording this episode. 

Whiteboard Bracket

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