Stephanie Nielson was in an airplane accident which left 80 percent of her body burned. She was in a medically induced coma and missed two of her children's birthdays because of it. However, she has used her family for strength to recover and keep going.

Nielson started a blog called NieNie Dialogues in 2005. In her blog she would share experiences as a mom and a wife. In 2008, that changed after she and her husband were in the plane crash.

Ever since her recovery she now has a new perspective on her blog, it is not simply about motherhood but rather, loving life and taking it each day-at-a-time. Family was the center of her blog and now is the center of her life as she shares her daily experiences with her five children, her husband, her church experiences and her hikes.

Nielsen says even if she is helping one person she feels like she is doing good. Her husband Christian Nielson says she has not let the large fan base and thousands of followers get to her head.

"She still writes it as if only our family reads it," Christian Nielson said in an interview.

Although the road has been long, the Nielsons have risen from their experiences like a phoenix.

"The phoenix symbolizes renewal in general as well as the sun, time, consecration, resurrection, life in heavenly Paradise and Christ," Stephanie Nielson said in her devotional. "I would add bravery and survivor to its description too."

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