Every Friday evening throughout the summer, The Rexburg Farmers Market has vendors lining College Avenue from 4-8 p.m. Managers Travis and Abegeal Brown invite everyone to come out and support the community and local vendors.

“It’s almost like this best kept secret of Rexburg,” Abegeal said.

They have been working to increase their followers on social media and getting the word out to the community.

“We really made a push to get students involved this year with our social media outreach and just letting people know where we’re at,” Travis said.

The Rexburg Farmers Market has been around for 11 years. Two years ago, the previous manager asked the Browns if they would be interested taking over the managing position. They looked at this as a great opportunity and embraced it.

Abegeal grew up in Oregon where farmers markets are common. She is passionate about it and thinks it’s a great opportunity for communities.

This year there are around 45 different vendors. People can expect to see food and beverage items, such as corndogs, tacos, lemonade, soda and fudge. Other vendors sell fresh produce like apples, berries, kale and corn. There are also many artisan vendors who sell hand crafted goods like keychains, soap, etc.

The Browns work to get the community involved by offering different events throughout the summer.

This Friday there will be an end of the semester bash for college students. There will be free giveaways and different promotions throughout the evening. In August they do a summer fair and allow three party vendors such as, doTERRA Mary Kay and others to be involved. They have also be seen at the Rexburg fair.

For those who are interested in becoming a vendor, people can apply online at http://www.rexburgfarmersmarket.org/. As a committee, The Rexburg Farmers Market will then vote on which vendors they think would be good to have.

The farmers market will go until September 27.

“It’s a great way to come and wind down after a long week,” Abegeal said. “It’s just a really great way to support local like vendors and different people who are trying to do things for our community.”