The negativity on social media can sometimes give us a headache. But before you decide to delete your accounts and take a break, look at this Facebook page created by two college students dedicated to promoting positivity on social media.

"You get on Facebook and you see something and you immediately feel your attitude go down or you feel worried about problems in the world," said Profaizer. "This is a place where people can go where they know they're going to find only positivity and they're going to see the positive things that other people are doing."

Matthew Profaizer, a BYU-Idaho student, and Colton Abplanal, an LDS Business College student, created this Facebook page entitled The Pursuit of Restoring Faith in Humanity in November of 2016.

Matthew Profaizer and Colton Abplanal made valentines with Our Children Foundation

Profaizer says he wanted to create a business or program with Abplanal. The idea of creating a Facebook page dedicated to focusing on the positive things in life came to him after he decided to stop focusing on money. He said he was thinking about what he could do with a million dollars-all of the homes, vacations, cars, and other cool stuff he could buy.

"It didn't take long before, even in my own mind, that didn't really feel like it meant anything," said Profaizer. "So the idea really got started as to where we could build a program, build a business, which would be self-sustaining and help introduce positivity into many people's lives."

Profaizer said at first the Facebook page didn't get more than 200 followers. That changed when Profaizer and Alplanal uploaded a Facebook live video of them cleaning the snow off cars in the Rexburg hospital parking lot.

This video has now been uploaded for almost 4 months and has received a total 4.1 million views. The Facebook followers went up from around 200 to 62,000.

"It's opened up a whole lot of opportunities for us, the pursuit, and those pursuing," said Profaizer. "It's been very interesting to become more of a personal part in people's lives. People are reaching out they are sending us personal messages and saying 'hey, this one really hit home with me.'"

In early February, Kids News NYC flew Profaizer and Abplanal to New York City where they collaborated and spoke at an event with Kids News NYC. The Pursuit of Restoring Faith in Humanity is now an LLC Company.

Profaizer says the future of the Facebook page has a lot of possibilities including becoming a 501(c)(3) charity and further into public speaking.

"People have high expectations for the way you act, the way you treat people," said Profaizer. "So it's definitely required me to be better every single day and it's brought a lot more peace and purpose into my own life."

So before you delete your Facebook account, take a look at this page-The Pursuit of Restoring Faith in Humanity. You can also listen to the full interview with Profaizer below.