Jim Reimann, Brand Manager for American Pet Nutrition returned to BYU-Idaho to share his experiences with the students.
After returning from his mission, Reimann wanted to make sure he was making the right decision with his career.
"I changed my major four times," said Reimann. "I came to college almost with the intention of ‘I'm going to find myself and find what I'm passionate about."
After feeling comfortable with his Communication classes and graduating with a degree in advertising, he set out to work at an advertising agency. Soon he was hired by JWT and Young & Rubicam and moved to Michigan during the recession. He learned his usual work habits were not sufficient for him to keep his job during that time.
"I survived the big lay off," said Reimann. "Which was fortunate, it helped provide that added experience that I needed."
Since then, Reimann has been working hard with his company and seeking more opportunities to grow. He said returning to BYU-Idaho has been reflective for him.
"The amount of growth and the number of resources and to realize the world class facilities that are available to the students," said Reimann. "I don't think I really recognized or appreciated the accessibility you had to all these different things here on campus and to really take advantage of them and to be a self-starter."