BYU-Idaho Student Living has just launched a series of new videos to help students understand the expectations of being roommates.

“We are always thinking of new ways to promote student living and to help students understand the practical application of the principals of student living of students at they relate to apartment life,” said Troy Dougherty, the director of housing and student living. “We want students to take more responsibility for their behavior and for their actions in their apartments and to take care of one another.”

Student Living has the goal to help students understand why it is important to be a good roommate and how to establish harmony in their apartments.

“Student living is based on three guiding principles: love, shared responsibility and mutual respect and is intended to help students take more responsibility for themselves and others,” Dougherty said. “Ultimately to build little Zion’s in their apartments.”

The department has released six new videos. Each video captures a funny dynamic students often experience with new roommates.

“The newest videos that we affectionately call practical punches are because they are brief and concise and they help our students understand the implications of their actions or their behaviors in the apartment,” Dougherty said. “Ultimately they are intended to prompt students to discuss ways that they can apply student living in their apartment.”

Click here to find the new videos.