This week’s BYU-Idaho devotional speaker was Brenda Summers, the admissions processing coordinator for BYU-Idaho. She spoke about recognizing the hand of the Lord in our lives.  

 As the admissions processing coordinator, she has had the unique experience of witnessing the hand of the Lord in students’ lives as they are accepted to BYU-Idaho. She mentioned three ways students can recognize the hand of the Lord in their lives. The first, she said, is through thought. She said that many thoughts come from the Lord and inspire us to do good. In an interview with BYU-Idaho radio, she mentioned how we can begin to recognize thoughts that are from the Lord. 

 “As we ponder on those thoughts and as we then act upon those thoughts that’s when we start realizing that they are actually coming from our Father in Heaven,” she said. 

 The next way she said to recognize the hand of the Lord is through prayer. She said it is important to pray to express gratitude to Heavenly Father.  

 “The Holy Ghost can help us by bringing back memories of what we have been blessed with,” she said in her talk. 

 Summers said that when the Holy Ghost provides that reminder it is important to write those thoughts and feelings down to help us to see each day what the Lord has provided.  

 The third way she said to recognize the hand of the Lord is through service. Service can help both the person serving and receiving service to recognize God’s hand.  

 She also said that students at BYU-Idaho have experienced the hand of the Lord through their admission and attendance at BYU-Idaho.  

 “I am sure that if each of you took a moment to reflect on how it came to be that you came to BYU-Idaho, you would be able to see how the Lord was involved in you choosing and coming to BYU-Idaho,” she said.