Justin Timberlake's new hit single, "Can't Stop the Feeling" has local people excited and having a little fun with Rexburg Mayor Jerry Merrill.

Lauren Crandall came up with the idea to make a music video to this song using people in Rexburg.

"Justin Timberlake came out with a new song called can't stop the feeling and the music video is him and bunch of people in the city kind of dancing in front of where they work," Crandall said.

She also says Timberlake issued a challenge on social media after seeing a spoof of his video made by a different city.

"I reached out to Mayor Merrill and I asked him if he would be interested in being in our music video," she said. "He got back to me the same day, and it kinda just went from there."

Monday they recorded the video and estimate there were about 150 people there. It only took them about 45 minutes. BYU-Idaho student Shaq Simms saw a Facebook post about the video shoot and quickly got on board.

Right now the video is getting edited and will be posted in the next couple of days on the Facebook event page called "The City of Rexburg Music Video."