The Caramel Tree was recently reopened under new ownership. Andrew Nelson, a BYU-Idaho alumnus, bought The Caramel Tree with two locations in Rigby and Idaho Falls.  

Nelson graduated from BYU-Idaho and worked at various companies, including Intel and a startup company. Working at the startup helped him realize he wanted to own a business himself.  

“After being at the startup… it was a good experience, but it also solidified that now is the time that I need to go out and start building something myself. I’m 32 years old, I’m young enough that I can make some mistakes, learn from them, and still recover,” Nelson said. 

The previous owners closed The Caramel Tree earlier this year due to COVID-19. Nelson reopened it in mid-July. He said he learned a lot from his time at BYU-Idaho that is helping him now and credits the Integrated Business Core class as one of his most helpful experiences.  

“I think honestly what I enjoyed most, and [what] is probably helping me the most, is the Integrated Business Core, the IBC program, where you start a business and run it throughout the semester and then resolve the business. That was a very exciting semester for me, it started that fire that I’ve always had,Nelson said. 

Nelson has faced a few challenges opening his own business. He said that throughout it all, things seem to always work out.  

“Challenges keep popping up every week, but I keep moving forward without answers, and they always get resolved or something comes along, Nelson said. 

Most of The Caramel Tree’s products are dipped in caramel. Nelson, along with two other people, make the caramel every day. He said the biggest batches take about two and a half hours to make 

Nelson said he enjoys being his own boss and creating new products. 

“Coming up with new product ideas and figuring out how to brand them and sell them and price point… that’s been really fun,Nelson said.  

The locations of The Caramel Tree and more information is at