A film that was shot and produced in Ammon and Idaho Falls is screening this week at the Paramount Theater in Idaho Falls. 

Travis Parker, an Idaho Falls local, wrote and directed the film, “The Candy Ban.” 

This family-friendly heist comedy is set in a community where the mayor bans all forms of sugar. The local kids then learn to make candy and sell it secretly. 

In an interview with Parker, he described the kids’ secret candy selling business as “an underground drug ring sort of situation.” 

Parker went on to say he is excited for people to see the film that was fully written, shot and edited in Idaho Falls. “It’s a movie that’s completely Idaho Falls native. If you like living in Idaho, you’ll probably like the film,” he said.

“The Candy Ban” is screening at the Paramount Theater in Idaho Falls from Oct. 4-8 at 6 and 8 p.m.