Working with friends and family has been a key part in creating the Orem based band, The Brightslide.

Robert Spicer is the lead singer for the band. He attended BYU-Idaho for a couple of semesters before he decided he just wanted to do music. So he moved to Utah.

The bassist is his sister-in-law who was also living in Utah and she recommended the drummer for the band and then the keyboard player is a friend of Spicer’s.

Spicer has been part of many different bands since he was 18 but he considers this band his biggest work.

The band is an indie pop rock band. Spicer says they didn’t start out that way.

“We started off playing music that we thought everyone would like,” Spicer said.

Spicer said after they released an album they just felt kind of fake as a band.

“During all that I kind of had these songs brewing that I was experimenting with on my computer using a digital audio software,” Spicer said after showing his song to the band they decided they wanted to work with more music like that.

“It was kind of like a secret little work I did, and it worked it’s way into our sound,” Spicer said.

Spicer writes all of the songs for the band, but he then brings the lyrics to the band and they all add to the song themselves.

The band also does covers of other bands, if you go to their YouTube site most of the music there are covers.

The Brightslide has performed in Rexburg before. Spicer said he is excited to come back because of his own history at the school and also because of the experience they had last time they came.

“The fans, the friends everyone it was definitely the best show we have ever played,” Spicer said.