Eric R. Anderson is a BYU-Idaho Alumnus who is an author and illustrator for a children’s book called “The Adventures of Pook and Boogee: The Boys Meet Mr. Jones.”  

This book is about two brothers who are going to be very famous and important people in the future, but in order to get there they need to learn necessary lessons in their childhood. In the book series, they travel to the past and learn about an unsung hero. In this book the two boys meet Frederick McKinley Jones who was an African American inventor and entrepreneur.  

Anderson realized he wanted to write a children’s book when he was studying at BYU-Idaho and taking a children’s literature class. His passion for children’s literature grew as he started having his own children and reading books with them.   

It kind of just hit me that books can affect children so early so I decided I was going to get into writing, Anderson said. 

He is currently a high school English teacher at the Rocky Mountain High School in Cowley, Wyoming, and said one of his goals with this book is to help those who read it learn more vocabulary words. There are more advanced words used in the book and the reader can look at what it means underneath the page.  

“As an English teacher I just wanted people to walk away with a sense of gratitude for these people, but also a sense that they read a book and learned a couple of words that they don’t normally know,” Anderson said. “They started to kind of elevate their knowledge of words and vocabulary.”  

You can get your book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. For additional information about his book series visit his website Pook and Boogee